Recovery Drive For Windows 8/8.1

Hi Everyone, my article is about getting back your lost data from your computer with easy and simple ways without any software. You use your computers to store data and important files, photos , videos etc., you can also store them in external drives available in market but if they are spoiled?? you will be losing your data .So, you need to protect your data .You can protect your data by creating a RECOVERY DRIVE. It doesn’t need excess money .Just follow me you’ll find very easy in protecting your file, data, etc.,

How To Create A Recovery Drive For Windows 8 / 8.1


Are you worried, lost your data, photos, files etc., ?? some time we think some files unimportant and start deleting them. Data, files can be lost due to many reasons by deleting or when your system hanged , Virus attack. So, you guys search for a software and get worried . To solve your problem i have an simple way of getting your lost data or files you lost data,files etc., Just follow my simple procedure to recover your data lost or deleted .

Can deleted or lost Photos, Videos, files, data can be recovered?????

Yes, you can recovery your files .How can you get them? which software need to be installed???? and how ?? You have many options of recovery of lost data in many ways . Apart from these options i suggest you a simple process. Very simple process to get lost files. Getting lost files through software need some knowledge about type of software installed and process to use that software for recovery.

Which Software Needed to download to recover deleted files???

We can can get your lost data through installation of some recovery software also.Its a a tricky process where we should have command on the software we installed. So, learn easy ways of getting lost files back. Its a simple process .

Recover Lost Data Without Any Software

Recovery can be done by creating a RECOVERY DRIVE. Follow my instructions to create a Recovery Drive.

Creating A Recovery Drive for pc

Creating a Recovery Drive is very simple to you. You need to have a 1 GB USB flash drive and Follow my steps .

Simple Steps To Create A Recovery Drive:

  • Check your computer before creating if windows 8 / 8.1 ??
  • Hold windows key and press F to get search option from windows Or Simply move mouse pointer to right you will be displayed option with search box.
  • Now you can see a menu with options as above.
  • We need some settings. so, type recovery in search box and choose settings option from the displayed menu .

  • Now click on Create a recovery drive from the recovery tool windows.

  • Creating a recovery drive need a copy of recovery partition from your pc to the Recovery drive.
  • Click on ‘Next’ to copy .
  • Now you need to insert a 1 GB USB Flash drive .
  • You can see your pc detecting external USB port connected .

  • See that USB flash drive connected contains no data if contained save them .
  • Because by creating recovery drive data in USB flash drive get deleted.
  • Click on ‘Create’ option .
  • Next click  ‘finish’ to complete recovery drive to be created.
  • Eject the USB drive and keep it safe place .You protected your pc with Recovery drive .
  • Now you no need of bothering about deleted files and virus attacked files .

I hope You find easy way to recover lost and deleted files from your pc with help of my article without any problems and hope you share with your friends on social media. I would be helpful for any updates and to ask any questions you can leave your comment or contact me at any time .Subscribe to my blog for updates through your email id and you will be notified new posts which could be useful to you.


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