Recovery Drive For Windows 8/8.1

Hi Everyone, my article is about getting back your lost data from your computer with easy and simple ways without any software. You use your computers to store data and important files, photos , videos etc., you can also store them in external drives available in market but if they are spoiled?? you will be [...]

Hii..I am here to solve your problems faced with virus attack to your pc's . Just follow my easy and simple ways of protecting your computers from virus, hacking etc., Every device need some security system to protect it from misusing it by others. So, you need to install a software protecting your system . In [...]

Download WhatsApp For Pc (Windows 7/8/10)

Hi friends...I am here to solve your problem in simple steps for downloading Whatsapp on your pc . Follow my simple ways in downloading Whatsapp on your pc .     In today's world we are coming across different applications for different uses .One of the application which became important in today's life is WHATSAPP . Social [...]

  BHIM(Bharat Interface For Money)App launched by our Prime Minister NARENDRA MODI due to the effect of  Demonstration and to make Digital Payments . It is a UPI(United Payments Interface)App which does not require to load money first and allows any one to make Simple Digital Payments directly through the Bank .  BHIM App is [...]

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