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Voot is one of the best apk to watch free Online Movies,TV Shows ,Cartoons online For Kids, Entertainment Shows,Daily Serials etc., of all languages at any time with Voot tv Download. To download voot app Follow the simple and easy steps to download voot app For Android and IOS User’s for free.


Voot viacom18 app is very popular application to watch all types of movies or shows Etc., available in all Google Play Store and iTunes Store for Apple.You can also download voot tv shows from the links below provided which are safe to use without any Malware or Virus attach files.

Enjoy watching all free online movies, TV Shows, Online Cartoon Shows For Kids, Daily Serials and many more updated Videos are available for free here without any subscriptions using best app voot mobile app.

Voot Apk Free Download :-

FILE NAME           :  Vootapp
FILE SIZE              :  19.47 MB
COMPATABILE   :  Android 4.2 & Above/IOS

Voot App Download For Android:-

Before going to download voot online the best apps to watch online movies, TV Shows, Online Cartoon in your device, you need to check the requirements needed to avoid errors while downloading Voot colors(or) while using it.


  • REQUIREMENTS :- Download voot com tv with the following requirements:

    • You need to have a free space of 19.47MB RAM in your device.
    • Android OS should be 4.2 or Above.
    • You need to have a good internet connection without any error to enjoy online movies, TV Shows, Cartoon For Kids with high quality.

Voot App Download free for Android :-

Follow the simple steps given below to get download vootapp in your android without any errors:

  1. OPEN      -> Google Play Store in your Android Device.
  2. SEARCH -> Search for Voot app in the search box provide in Play Store.
  3. INSTALL -> Choose install button to download voot Apk with good internet connectivity.
  4. You can even Download Voot App from the below link.
  5. Within a few minutes, Voot will be successfully installed in your device.
  6. Now, You can Enjoy watching all latest movies, TV Shows , Cartoon Videos Etc., through Voot apps free download.

Voot App [Download]For IOS:-


VootApp free download for IOS can be done by downloading app from iTunes Store with good internet connectivity. Follow the simple and easy steps to download Vootapk for IOS without any errors.

  1. Go To        -> Apple Store in your Apple Phone.
  2. SEARCH  -> Search for Voot Application from the search box provided in the Store.
  3. CHOOSE ->Now, you can choose required app with and select vootapp apk to start downloading.
  4. AUTHENTICATION ->Before downloading any apps in your IOS, you need to enter passwords required for authentication.
  5. START DOWNLOADING ->After password get verified, you can see Vootapk application starts downloading.
  6. With good internet connectivity, you can get the vootapp download within few seconds based on internet signals.
  7. That’s it, now you can watch all movies, TV shows, Popular videos, Cartoon Shows for Kids and many more using the best entertainment application for free without any subscription.
NOTE:- You can also block unnecessary ads displayed in vootapk free download by upgrade to Voot pro android app which you need to buy it. 

Vootapk Features :-

Voot.Apk had more unique features compared to other as given below and had a remarkable position in providing all services to its users for FREE!!!

  • You can watch Unlimited movies, TV Shows , Cartoons daily .
  • You can experience a high quality videos here.
  • You can search for any movies or shows through the search box providing in this apk.
  • Ads displayed can be removed by Upgrading to VOOT PRO app.
  • You can Enjoy watching all languages videos at a single click.

I hope you will really enjoy the new experience in using this best app to watch every movie, TV shows , Cartoons , Daily serials Etc., many more at a single search.If you face any problems in getting Voot tv apk in your device, feel free to leave a comment to get solved. You can also share your comment below using this best vootlive tv apk in your device with many more features.

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